Hi, I'm Daorong! I also go by Dora.

Keywords: now UXer, formerly Industrial Designer, world observer, non-stop learner, culture explorer, part time drummer, dog lover.

Wonder if I can get the work done right? Here is the professional me:
Trained as an industrial designer at two of the world's best design schools, in China and the U.S., I have experience working in design consultancies,  Fortune 500 corporates, and tech start-ups. In the past three years, as the only designer in a Philly-based legal tech startup called Winnieware LLC, I grew to be a generalist who handles UX and UI: defining design strategy, solving complex UX problems, quickly prototyping and iterating, and delivering the product at pixel perfection level. I also project managed the fast delivery process and planned stages of work to fit changing client requests . 

Right now, I would like to join a product-driven tech company to work with a bigger design team.  I would like to contribute my design skill and work ethic and to learn from seniors designers, to broaden my skill set and learn the entire process of building a product in an agile environment.

Wonder can I get along with the team? Here is me during spare time:
I still keeping thinking about design during my spare time, Haha! Design is my life-long passion. I view the goal of design a as better quality of human life, either functionally or aesthetically. I am interested not only in the making of objects but in the philosophy of design and in examining the social implications of product-making. I am fascinated by beautiful environments, creatures, and human-input. I am a continual observer of the world around me: I try to interpret all the messages behind the physical things that we see everyday.  I also stay current on the latest trends in design, both social and aesthetic. I challenge myself to think deeply about where these trends coming from, and I don’t reflexively follow them. I prefer subtle over loud, like my personality.  

Still not sure if we can be friends? Here is some more information about me:
My favorite foods:
1.beef noodle soup;  2. Popeyes;  3.chicken mole; 4. basil mozzarella sausage pizza.
Designer I agree with the most: Dieter Rams
My design belief: Dieter Rams’ ten principles for good design.
Photographer I worship: Henri Cartier-Bresson.
My favorite museums in the U.S.: Cooper Hewitt, The Drawing Center, National Gallery of Art - East Building.
My workout routines: Pilates, swimming.
My favorite city to visit: Berlin.
My favorite city to live: of course New York. Why? New York keeps me visually and mentally stimulated and inspired every day. 
Most wonderful thing happened to me recently: Moving to New York.
Most satisfying thing I did recently: Went through Marie Kondo’s method and got rid of half of the stuff in my apartment.
Most interested genre of movies: Biographies or documentaries about legendary women.
Greatest Invention in my mind: The dishwasher.